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Most Useful Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers Part 01

There are a lot of chrome extensions are available for digital marketing purposes. Most of them produce better results. Some of them are paid, freemium, and completely free. Digital marketing trends are moving very fast. For surviving these trends we need updated tools. Only those who find these kinds of powerful tools will win the race.

Chrome is one the most popular browser in the world, the chromium-based product is one of the most powerful software on our device. The new version of the Microsoft Edge browser is also chromium-based. Here I gathered some best chrome extensions from different community platforms and discussion threads of digital marketers. Some of them are freemium and some are free to use. Let’s Start the Most Useful Chrome Extension For Digital Marketers List


Grammarly for Chrome

I Can’t start with any other tool other than Grammarly. Because it is currently helping me to write this blog and correct my grammar and spelling mistakes. I am using this extension for more than 5 years. Still, it is one of the best chrome extension that I would suggest first for anyone. Grammarly can help you minimise writing errors and find the perfect words to express yourself in a variety of ways, from grammar and spelling to style and tone. You can rest assured that your work is not only correct but also brief and clear.


Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool

If you are into Search engine optimisation, this tool will definitely help you with your SEO work. It is a freemium tool but you get very many good features in the free segment. It comes with a number of built-in tools for finding keywords based on your seed term and displaying keywords that any page or domain ranks for in the SERPs. While searching for better keywords for your blog or client’s SEO works at the time of keyword research, you can curate the best keyword data using this tool. I really love this tool and I also suggest this tool to my friends who works in the SEO field.


SEO Minion

SEO Minion is one of the helpful chrome extensions for SEO specialists mostly use at the time of On-Page SEO analysis. It helps to find broken links by highlighting the links with color. broken links may affect the SEO result and this tool helps to maintain the SEO result. The extension also helps to analyse the internal links and external links on the page. Internal linking and external linking are one of the prominent sections in SEO, This tool will help to solve these issues for free of cost.



I recently saw a survey on LinkedIn to find the most popular free SEO chrome extensions, The SEOquake got the highest voting in the review. Then I search for this chrome extension and installed it. After using this tool, the results are quite amazing. This free tool provides a lot of metrics from a website and these metrics are very helpful for competitors’ analysis. You need a free Semrush account for using this tool. It is using Semrush API for generating results (I think). This tool audit the website not only desktop also mobile version and also find the social status of the brand or website instantly.



TubeBuddy is a freemium extension that is helpful for YouTubers and youtube marketers. This tool helps to identify a lot of metrics of other competitors youtube channels. This tool is one of the most popular tools among youtube marketers. One of my YouTuber friend told me that he is using this extension for competitors analysis and for keyword research, trending topics for new vlogs, and to optimise his video title, description, and tags. If you are into youtube marketing you should definitely try this chrome extension


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grammarly Free?
Grammarly is free to use forever. There are also more features if you subscribe to their paid package. Content analysis and plagiarism checker are in premium feature.

Is TubeBuddy Free?
TubeBuddy is free to install and add to your youtube channel. But it has some restrictions in the free version. Most the free features are enough for youtube analysis.

Is Keywords Everywhere a Free tool?
It is a freemium tool but you get very many good features in the free segment.

SEO Minion or SEOquake which is the Best?
Both of them are good free tools. I use both of them and these two are used for different purposes.


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