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Top websites to find freelancing works online

Freelancing is now becoming very popular in many countries. A lot of people are finding their source of income from freelancing only. from the beginning of the pandemic, many people quit their jobs and took freelancing jobs and many of them are earning unbelievable numbers. In freelancing the income may vary according to our quality of work, but the advantage part is, we can be our own boss. Here I can help you to find some best freelancing platforms I heard about.


Fiverr Freelancing Platform

Fiverr has a total of 342 million active purchasers. Fiverr freelancers provide services in over 500 categories. Since 2012, the average annual spend per buyer has been steadily increasing. Instead of firms promoting employment, freelancers establish their own service pages based on what they are skilled at. As a freelancer, you can apply. Freelancers can offer their services to businesses and organize their service pages into categories using keywords that appear in various searches. Sellers can sign up for free instead of sending outbids. Their jobs are listed, their prices are determined, and their offers are ranked. Meanwhile, purchasers can simply browse through several categories to find what they want.


Upwork Freelancing Platform

Upwork has 145000 active clients who spend at least $5000 per year on the platform. In 2020, there will be an estimated 18 million freelancers on Upwork, with over 1400 organisations hiring freelancers. The portal functions in the same way as a traditional freelance website. Clients have the option of posting a position and hiring talent. Similarly, freelancers might use the job board to advertise their services.


Freelancer Freelancing Platform

It’s the largest freelancer platform by the number of users with more than 31 million people. They connect over 55 million employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries, regions, and territories. “Quality Over Quantity,” as the old adage goes, certainly applies here. This platform has a lot of negative web reviews. A lot of people are complaining.


Flexjobs Freelancing Platform

Flexjobs is a job board with a membership model. The filibusters provide a variety of remote freelancing and part-time job opportunities for you.  So the website only serves to connect you with a potential employer; everything else is handled outside of it. As a result, recording members have access to almost 29000 flexible jobs from over 6000 companies.

All of the job categories on the website can be found here. The list is extensive. What’s wonderful is that they have a lot of options for you to choose from, regardless of your field. While some platforms are more focused on specific job kinds.
There are also a lot of favorable Flaxjobs reviews with an A+ rating. On the Better Business Bureau’s website, accreditations are also listed. There is no spam at Flaxjobs. They hand-screen each one before placing it on their site, so it’s not a fraud.
Flexjobs is also ad-free, which is unusual in the realm of typical job boards. This not only makes browsing less stressful but also keeps things impartial.


Brybe Freelancing Platform

The Brybe was founded in 2019 and, unlike some of the other freelance platforms I’ve either used or had experience with, Brybe provides a pretty unique value proposition to users. For example, on their homepage, they focus on both influencers and freelancers, so if you’re looking to hire an influencer for a paid or sponsored post, Brybe can facilitate that type of interaction, which is pretty cool.

The Brybe is an intriguing option for freelancers as well, with a strong emphasis on everyone in the realm of freelancing having the ability to be a buyer. The Brybe positions itself as a great way to outsource work and transfer responsibilities. It’s a fantastic thing you can do as a business owner or even a freelancer to outsource a lot of your work and automate a lot of your procedures to help your business run more smoothly.

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