How to make Telegram show link previews correctly?

It’s not a rare situation where you find some links that are shared via Telegram messenger either do not display preview/thumbnails properly or lack them completely! Mostly this happens with links to new web pages. But no worries there is an easy fix within Telegram!

  1. Search for @webpagebot in Telegram.

  2. If you’ve never chatted with that bot before, you’ll find a Start button. Click/tap on that.

    Click/tap on Start
    Click/tap on Start
  3. Now, send the link which has the issue with the preview/thumbnail. You can send multiple links up to 10.

    Send the link
    Send the link
  4. That’s it! The bot will reply to you with your link and updated preview.

    You'll get the updated link as reply
    You’ll get the updated link as a reply

In case you don’t know yet, we’re officially on Telegram. Feel free to join our channel there: @digitalmalayaliblog

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Jake Reece
Jake Reece

Hey well? This didn’t work for me trying to resolve Instagram links in Telegram…any further insight?


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