Royalty Free Music Download Websites

Youtube Audio Library | Royalty Free Music

This is one of the best and most trusted platform for downloading copyright free music on the internet. That’s why i told this in the first place. YouTube presently has over 150,000 audio tracks available for video producers to utilise as background music. By logging into YouTube studio, you can access the library. Select ‘Audio Library’ from the left-hand menu. You can search by title, artist, or keyword, as well as by genre, mood, or duration, among other criteria. Some of the music need credits that you can find while downloading. In that case, you need to place credits in the description of the video where the music is used.


Pixabay Music | Royalty Free Music Download

We all know Pixabay website for downloading free stock photos. But most of us don’t know that they are providing thousands of tracks of music and audio that are available for commercial and non-commercial use. Yes, I also found this recently. A lot of artists are contributing their music for free and you can download and use it on any platform copyright free. You must add credits to the artist or musician in the description before publishing.


Bensound | Free Music

I Have known this website for the past four years. I Used a lot of music from their website They have plenty of collections of the royalty free music on their website. You may use audio and music from this website, but you must give them credit (include in your project) and adhere to the terms of the Free License. is presently accepting submissions from artists. To apply, send them a link to your song for them to listen to.


NCS – Non Copyright Sounds

Sounds Familiar right? Yes Most of us know their names from youtube. Most of us hear at least one of their songs on youtube. NCS provides copyright free music for every creator. A ton of music is available on their platform. NCS Music is royalty-free for independent authors and their user-generated content (User Generated Content). You may monetize your content if it incorporates NCS music, but you must adhere to the rules outlined in the NCS usage policy. All NCS tracks are free to use on YouTube and Twitch if you are an Independent Creator, Gamer, or Vlogger and follow their usage policy.\


m-operator | Royalty Free Music

Minimal type music is their main feature, You can only see a few music collections on their website, but the music you found is very good. m-operator is a collection of minimal royalty-free audio compositions. This is a side musical experimentation project with the goal of regularly producing tiny audio works. It is heavily influenced by synth artists and independent game sound designers. You may use any audio file in any project without restriction.


Purple Planet Music | Royalty Free Music

A beautiful website where you found good music, you can use that music for your content. I personally love their music, not to use but also to listen to. Amazing composition by two great artists. Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey collaborated on Purple Planet Music, a collection of music they wrote and performed. You are free to utilise the pieces. They merely ask that you give them music credits if you use their music. These artists rely on the generosity of people who purchase business licences from them. This enables them to continue creating music. Additionally, it provides you with a formal licence and a higher-quality WAV file and eliminates the need to credit them.


Free Stock Music | Royalty Free Music

I found this website when i search on google for writing this blog. You can discover music that is royalty-free to use in your YouTube videos or other projects (blog, vlog, podcast, social network, etc.). All they ask is that you include an acknowledgment in the credits. Additional information regarding the attribution is available on each track’s website. Copyright problems do not apply to the free music on their website. Just go through this amazing website.

Fesliyan Studios | Royalty Free Music

Another website where you can download music without copyright. You can download and use some great music from it. It also gives the option to donate some cash to those in need. However, the instrumental background music on this page is completely free for personal use. If you intend to use the music as background music for YouTube videos or for commercial purposes, please read the policy for additional information.


Free SFX | FREE Sound Effects

You can download several sound effects for free that can be utilised in short films. It can be heard tapping with dog barking, ambulances, and parrots. They say that this website contains over a million sound effects. This website contains royalty-free sound effects that you may use in commercial or non-profit multimedia/audio visual productions. If you use their sound effects or music in your project, you must provide credit to How you do this is entirely up to you, but please ensure that your credit includes their website URL. You can earn money by including these sounds in games or applications, as well as on websites, blogs, and podcasts. For further details, go to their End User License.


BBC Sound Effects – FREE Sound Effects

As mentioned earlier, this is also a great website for short filmmakers. It has a lot of sound effects. Personal, educational, or research use: The BBC Sound Effects Archive can be used for any of these things. During the last 100 years, there have been over 33,000 clips from around the world. All of these were made by people at the BBC Radiophonic workshop, as well as recordings from the Blitz in London, special effects for BBC TV shows or radio, and 15,000 recordings from the Natural History Unit archive. Just bookmark it.

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Robert R
Robert R

Be careful with Pixabay. There have been incidents of copyright strikes after using music from Pixabay. Music uploaders often change license or remove tracks after uploading it. Check their forum.

Last edited 2 years ago by Robert R

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