Telegram Bots List 2022

Useful telegram bots you need to know

Best Telegram Bot List this year

For many of us, Telegram bots are one of the best things we like to try, and many new bots are arriving every day on the Telegram platform. Many of these amazing bots go unnoticed by us. But in this blog, I will introduce you to the best useful bots that I have discovered with great difficulty from a lot of places. Try using what works for you, and the bots that are mentioned in it are working while I write this blog, it may expire in the future. If you see any non-working boats while you are riding, please comment.


Free Photo background Removing telegram bot

There are many online tools that will help to remove the background of photos, most of them are paid or limited. Burn Background Bot is an amazing bot that I found, It Instantly Removes background from any image in High Quality for free. You can try this bot if you need to change any background of the images. Also, convert your image into a sticker using this bot


Music Recognise Telegram Bot

Simply send a short video/audio, and the bot will recognise and send the song! It’ll even send the Spotify/YouTube. You can either download it or stream it on youtube or Spotify.


Temporary Disposable Email Telegram Bot

Suppose you need an email ID, for the time being, Dropmail Bot is a cool telegram bot that gives you a temporary mail ID for a while. It can be discarded after use and can contain any number of mail IDs.


Youtube Video Playlist Download Telegram Bot

A cool bot that can download video or playlists from YouTube in any format. Not only video but also audio format is available. Many formats are available. You can try this bot for absolutely free


Karaoke Extractor Telegram Bot

How difficult it is in the present situation to get only the karaoke of a song. But with this free telegram boat you can extract karaoke of any song for free.


File Converter Telegram Bot

A great bot for converting your own audio, audio and video files from one format to another. There are many tools available online but this can be done very easily on the phone.


URL Shorten Telegram Bot

There are many services available online to shorten a link. But it’s a great bot to help shorten a link by the moment in a telegram. There are almost 10 type or shorten links are available in this bot


Site Online Status Checker Telegram Bot

With this telegram bot it is very easy to know if a website is down or available. Also, this telegram bot will notify us if the searched website ever goes down.


Powerful Telegram Bot For Setting Reminders

Every day we try to remember a lot of things, whether at work or not, this is not an easy task. But with this telegram bot, you can take note of your things and this bot will remind us of it at the right time.


Free Subtitle Download Telegram Bot

One of the hardest things about watching English movies is finding the subtitles for the movie. But with this bot, you can download subtitles for free in no time.

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